Producing at D.O. VdLT Cadiz, Spain


Boedas Primitivo Collantes, founded by brothers Tomás and Primitivo Collantes, dates back more than 150 years with the fourth generation of the Collantes family now. Located in Chiclana de la Frontera, the winery belongs to D.O. Origin Jerez-Sherry.

The winery owns the Pozo Galván vineyard (47 acres) and the Matalián vineyard (50 acres), both in Chiclana de la Frontera, 100% "Albariza" soils. The Albariza soils from these vineyards consists of a solid structure of very hard rock and contains a high proportion of calcium carbonate which can reach up to a shigh as 80%. This calcium carbonate derives from a marine environment, which during the Oligocene about 30 million years ago, limestone organisms were concentrated.



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